1 PaydayUSA™ Employment Tax Calculator and Payroll OrganizerCodeproject2013 
2 Add CAD functions to Microsoft OfficeEDN2002Best Design Idea
3 Add voice commands to your CAD systemEDN2002 
4 Efficient Algorithms to Trim In-String White/Blank SpacesCodeproject2015 
5 Excel spreadsheet yields RLC best-fit calculatorEDN2009 
6 Statistical Outliers detection: worksheet solutionCodeproject2010 
7 Add voice command to virtual instrumentationEDN2002 
8 Simplify CAE with scientific-to-engineering conversionEDN2004 
9 Fast Prime Factoring AlgorithmCodeproject2011 
10 The Orthodromic Distance Between Two Geo-pointsCodeproject2015 
11 Fast Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) AlgorithmCodeproject2011 
12 Voice feedback enhances engineering calculatorEDN2002 
13 Aggregate Product function extends SQLCodeproject2010 
14 Use SQL to generate large data sequenceCodeproject2010 
15 Implement Intelligent Cookie ManagementAccess-VB-SQL Adv2003 
16 Binding ASP.NET DropDownList to Array, Dictionary and EnumCodeproject2011 
17 Advanced CSS3 Styling of HTML5 SELECT ElementCodeproject2015 
18 Advanced CSS3: pseudo-icons made of HTML5 div ElementsCodeproject2015 
19 HTML5/CSS3 graphic enhancement: buttons, inputsCodeproject2011 
20 Toggle Button built on ASP.NET CheckBox and HTML5/CSSCodeproject2015 
21 HTML5/CSS 3 Modal Dialog Box; no JavaScriptCodeproject2011 
22 Online Slide Show as Pure HTML5/CSS3 Solution: NO JavaScriptCodeproject2011 
23 Build a Validation Object with Voice FeedbackAccess-VB-SQL Adv2002 
24 HTML5 Tables Formatting: Alternate Rows, Color Gradients, ShadowsCodeproject2011 
25 Pure SQL solution to Database Table PagingCodeproject2012 
26 Engineering Calculator VOLTA-814Codeproject2013 
27 'enRoute': Real-time NY City Bus Tracking Web AppCodeproject2015 
28 Edumatter-MTCodeproject2013 
29 Dynatrade-Bell™, Quantitative Trading EngineCodeproject2013 
30 Scientific Calculator ZENO-5000Codeproject2010 
31 YouTube™ Embedded Video Player: Extended API (C#)Codeproject2009 
32 YouTube™ API for ASP.NETCodeproject2009 
33 Semaphon™ semantic phone number-to-text converterCodeproject2015 
34 Single Query Calculates Rank ValuesAccess-VB-SQL Adv2005 
35 Generate Large Date SequencesAccess-VB-SQL Adv2006 
36 Excel at Audio-Visual UI DevelopmentAccess-VB-SQL Adv2002 
37 What’s wrong with INT (LOG) in VBAAccess-VB-SQL Adv2002 
38 Delete Rows in Excel WorksheetAccess-VB-SQL Adv2002 


Twin Towers NY. Photo credit: Alexander Bell

In Memoriam of

  • Garo H. Voskerijian
  • Susan Clyne
  • Timothy A. Haviland

and many other friends and colleagues from Marsh, who died so tragically on the day of Sep. 11, 2001.



Dr. Bell actively participates in digital life of several professional networks; he is rated Top-3% on popular StackOverflow.com

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Alexander holds a 'Legend' status on CodeProject.com. He received multiple awards in "App Innovation Contest" (AIC-2012 and AIC-2013 by Intel Corp.) for educational app "Edumatter-M12" and popular NY payroll tax calculator "PaydayNY". Alex published 50 articles and programming tips highly rated by developers community: total article views